Employment News

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) - 841 Posts - 15/03/2021 Last date

Name of the Post:

Office Attendant


10th Class (SSC/ Matriculation)

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) - CRP SPL-IX - 1163 Posts - 26/11/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:

I.T. Officer (Scale-I) 76
Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I) 670
Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale I) 27
Law Officer (Scale I) 60
HR/ Personnel Officer (Scale I) 20
Marketing Officer (Scale I) 310


Degree,MBA/ PG / Diploma (Relevant Discipline)

Bihar Vidhan Parishad - 136 Posts - 11/10/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:

Office Attendant 129
Letter Distributor 07


Minimum qualification 10th Class

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) - 199 Posts - 11/10/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:

Officers in Grade ‘B’


Degree/ PGDM/ MBA/ Masters Degree

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) - CRP Clerks-IX - 12075 Posts - 09/10/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:

Clerical cadre Posts


Bachelor’s degree

State Bank of India (SBI) - CRPD/APPR - 700 Posts - 06/10/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:




National Health Mission (NHM) - 1392 Posts - 05/10/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:

Dental Vacancy - 42
Feeding Demonstrator Vacancy - 50
RBSK Ayush MO Vacancy - 710
STLS and LT Vacancy - 590



Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) -JANMCE - 1985 Posts - 04/10/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:

ANM (Regular) 1698
ANM (Backlog) 287


Minimum qualification 10th Class+ ANM Training

NABARD - 91 Posts - 02/10/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:

Development Assistant - 82
Development Assistant (Hindi) - 9


Bachelor's Degree

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) - 7942 Posts - 01/10/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:




Kanchipuram Central Cooperative Bank - 238 Posts - 05/09/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:




Haryana State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd - 978 Posts - 31/08/2019 Last date

Name of the Post:

Clerk 790
Junior Accountant 123
Senior Accountant 35
Assistant Manager/ Development Officer 30


Degree/Master Degree/PG

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